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rujna 15, 2009

Razor - Live in Montreal, le Spectrum, Quebec (10.12.2005)

01 Cross me fool
02 Instant death
03 Iron hammer
04 Behind bars
05 Below the belt
06 Violent restitution
07 Speech about Unidisc record label
08 Fast and loud
09 Tear me to pieces
10 Electric torture
11 Life sentence
12 Concussion
13 Cut throat
14 City of damnation
15 Shotgun justice
16 Evil invaders


Really good sounding Razor show! Yes, I know I got you all bored with Razor stuff but I'm a huge fan...so ;))))
About track 07. Speech about Unidisc... That record label reissued first 3 Razor albums (Executioners Song, Evil invaders, Malicious intent) and they didn't pay Razor a single cent. So Dave Carlo tells us all not to buy those CDs under Unidisc label...

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