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lipnja 24, 2010

METAL BIBLE - advertising the forum! (reklamiranje)


METAL BIBLE FORUM (click me!!)

Here we go. This is croatian forum, so if you speak this language like me and you like metal (obviously9, register here. This forum used to be very active, but now is almost dead..But some enthusiastic people want to keep it alive again. This is my little dedication. Now go and register!! And speak about thrash metal, cuz everything else sux!! I'm joking! :D

I didn't post new upload for quite awhile, and I'm sorry for that. But I kept my rapidshare account alive as much as possible so my uploads won't die. And then, our dear rapidshare decided that no more rapidpoints is avaible, which is a very good reason why I upload at all (to be honest, and for the spreading thrash ofcourse) and i'm thinking about transfering to megaupload...what do you think? I think they have better options than that fuckin greedy rapidshare cunts...but I'm worried that uploads will gone if I stop to redeem account..