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studenoga 24, 2011

Rat Skates - Born in the Basement DVDrip (2007)

Click here! (700mb)

Interview - Billy Vector (Lubricunts vocalist)
Click here! (335mb)

Interview - Riff Thunder - Founding Overkill guitarist
Click here! (270mb)

Rock Pipeline TV Show
Click here (423mb)

Escape from Stalag 13 - Aborted documentary
Click Here (194mb)

Deleted Scene
Click Here (33mb)

The story of Lubricunts and early Overkill (1980 - 1987) era through words of Overkill's founder, drummer Rat Skates, and some talk about thrash metal genre start and term thrash in general. to see all things that he did to get this band going is just astonishing! I'm not gonna spoil you anything, just download it and enjoy! Really recommend this documentary! :)

Click on pics to get these cover, I think they are big enough :P

studenoga 22, 2011

Some info/documentary

I stumbled upon this cool amateur thrash documentary, so check it out :

I know it's short, but hey, maybe one day that dude will film some big thing..who knows.

And I'm lookin forward to this:

It says it will be out in summer 2012!!! Can't wait! UK scene was always interesting to me so there is no better way to do it than interview classic UK thrash acts like Xentrix, DAM, Lawnmover Deth, Toranaga, etc etc

studenoga 17, 2011

Terror Tactics - Thermonuclear Deathrash Attack demo (2011)

01. Intro
02. Radiophobia
03. Thermonuclear Deathrash Attack
04. effigies of the Elder Ones

Download link:

Young thrash band from Poland!

TxCxAx - Abhorrence EP (2011)

01. I hate you
02. Hope for a bright future
03. Take your shit back
04. I saw a drowned man...It was Jesus
05. Some hardcore bands make me barf
06. Fucking UFO ate my pizza
07. When was the last time you've read a book
08. Benedick XVI.
09. Our scene is splendid
10. My dad listens to Slayer
11. Sell your mother and buy Spazz vinyl
12. Star Wars is just good film series
13. Moshing like a pussy
14. Detestation

Download link:

Little info:
Lyrics are included in rar
In their own words, TxCxAx are thrashcore/powerviolence band from Belarus.
Some funny track titles are here. Benedick made my day, lol!

Krematorium - Evil Is Released Demo (2011)

01. Hypersomnia
02. White nightmare
03. Pleasure to kill
04. Hell's War
05. Soldier's Task
06. Twisted mind
07. Bonus Track

Download link:

Click Here!!
On the right side of each track is a small arrow pointing "down", just click it and download will begin.

Short Bio (on Croatian):
Heavy - Thrash metal bend iz Rijeke nastao 2007. pod imenom Crematorium.Nakon izlaska drugog demo albuma "Evil Is Released" bend mijenja ime u Krematorium.Do sada su izdana dva dema " Wihout Fucking Remorse " (2009) te " Evil Is Released " ( 2011 ).

Sadašnji članovi:
Domagoj Fišeković - vokal
Erik Perušić - gitara
Fabijan Saganić - gitara
Toni Đuro Gregov - bas
Dorijan Radmanović - bubanj

Bivši članovi:
Miljen Sirotić,Danijel Juko,Erik Stanić ( gitara ),Tomislav Belavić - bas,Dino Kapović - bubanj

listopada 25, 2011

listopada 21, 2011

Vektor - Black Future (2009)

1. Black Future 05:03
2. Oblivion 04:54
3. Destroying the Cosmos 06:47
4. Forests of Legend 10:16
5. Hunger for Violence 05:30
6. Deoxyribonucleic Acid 04:45
7. Asteroid 06:49
8. Dark Nebula 10:28
9. Accelerating Universe 13:31

Download link:

Click here!!

Vektor - Demolition (2006)

1. Spiral Galaxy 01:13
2. Oblivion 04:35
3. Fast Paced Society 06:56
4. Venus Project 07:31
5. Destroying the Cosmos 07:15
6. Infiltration 00:56
7. Moonbase 12:55
8. Tetrastructural Minds 06:56

Download link:

Click here!!

listopada 20, 2011

Impact - Take the Pain (1991)

01. Kill the flash
02. Take the pain
03. Kill on kommand
04. When the evil takes its course
05. It's the end of the world
06. To your death
07. Legacy of violence
08. Knowledge is king
09. P.O.W.
10. Plague of death
11. Erosion of will

Download link:

Click here!!

Knife Clatter - Babylon (1995)

1. Big Pigs in Action 03:20
2. Rude 04:50
3. Babylon 04:35
4. Stay at Home 03:10
5. Religion 04:08
6. War 04:48
7. Dog, Dog, Dog 03:15
8. Wherever you are 08:06
9. So Lonely 03:18
10. Your Right 03:45
11. Time is Over 03:55

Download link:
Click here!

listopada 14, 2011

Vio-lence - World in a World [Music video]

Download link:

Click here!!

I tried to capture some cool picture for this post..now this is some scary Sean Killian face, lol! And yeah..this video is the one that has that fucking annoying fat BEEP!...I doubt that uncensored version exists at all. Well, enjoy!

Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare [Music video]

Download link:

Click here!!

Xentrix - Ghostbusters [music video]

Download link:

Click here!!

Originally I found this video on Thrashwar's blogspot and reuploaded it myself on my account.

If anybody has Xentrix video ORDER OF CHAOS please send me. I'm still in a search of one.

Xentrix - For Whose Advantage [HQ music video]

Download link:

Click here!!

Quick info:

This is not some shitty ass youtube rip that is circulating on the other blogs. This is real deal..much more better quality and bigger resolution! Enjoy!

Mandator - Initial Velocity (1987)

1. Attilla 03:43
2. Black Rose 06:39
3. Faces Of Death 03:38
4. Jack Boots And Leather Caps 05:12
5. Power Of the Law 04:05
6. Evil Dead 06:27
7. Posers 05:21
8. I Will Be Your Last 05:04

Download link:
Click Here!!

Incursion Dementa - Al This Is... (1993)

1. All This Is All 04:24
2. Dirge 03:27
3. Chivy About 03:29
4. Self Conceit 04:21
5. Some Overdo It 03:14
6. The... End 07:10
7. Relapse 03:12
8. Warfare 03:21
9. Enigmatic Chamber 03:23
10. Cut This Live Off From Me (live) 10:31

Download link:
Click Here!

listopada 13, 2011

Toxic Trace - Torment (2011)

01. Haunted
02. Witch from hell
03. Slaughter
04. Religion is slavery
05. Tormentor
06. Butchered
07. Against the cross
08. The Antichrist
09. Flag Of Hate (Kreator cover)

Click Here!
(Guitar Pro tabs and booklet scans included!)

Quick info!
A month or so ago I received a mail by this young Serbian band that plays some nice thrash metal in the vein of early Tormentor/Kreator (there is a last track as a proff). Vocal is very much like Mille in his best years :) So, I've put em here to spread young forces around the world.

I'm back!

Hey everyone! YS aka Yakuza Stinger is speaking again! This forum has been 'dead' for about a year but fear no more!

I will continue to put some obscure gems for ya as I did before, and of course I have created a new mail.


For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, and I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

If you have a demo thrash band, you can enter this mail to and send me your demo recordings or albums to promote em here. I did several bands before, and I'd like to continue that :)

That's it for now..need to rearrange some things on this blog because some information and so are old :)

Geisha Goner - Catching Broadness (1992)

1. The Fallen Race 05:50
2. Yossarian 06:34
3. The Last Letter 03:01
4. Catching Broadness 06:21
5. D.I.O.W. to S.Y.S. 06:04
6. Necropolis 05:29
7. Among the Lies 05:23
8. SelfCentered Ultradeath (S.C.U.D.) 05:02
9. Krwawy Misio* 02:29
10. Prokreacja* 03:24
11. Floyd* 05:13


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