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studenoga 17, 2011

TxCxAx - Abhorrence EP (2011)

01. I hate you
02. Hope for a bright future
03. Take your shit back
04. I saw a drowned man...It was Jesus
05. Some hardcore bands make me barf
06. Fucking UFO ate my pizza
07. When was the last time you've read a book
08. Benedick XVI.
09. Our scene is splendid
10. My dad listens to Slayer
11. Sell your mother and buy Spazz vinyl
12. Star Wars is just good film series
13. Moshing like a pussy
14. Detestation

Download link:

Little info:
Lyrics are included in rar
In their own words, TxCxAx are thrashcore/powerviolence band from Belarus.
Some funny track titles are here. Benedick made my day, lol!

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