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studenoga 24, 2011

Rat Skates - Born in the Basement DVDrip (2007)

Click here! (700mb)

Interview - Billy Vector (Lubricunts vocalist)
Click here! (335mb)

Interview - Riff Thunder - Founding Overkill guitarist
Click here! (270mb)

Rock Pipeline TV Show
Click here (423mb)

Escape from Stalag 13 - Aborted documentary
Click Here (194mb)

Deleted Scene
Click Here (33mb)

The story of Lubricunts and early Overkill (1980 - 1987) era through words of Overkill's founder, drummer Rat Skates, and some talk about thrash metal genre start and term thrash in general. to see all things that he did to get this band going is just astonishing! I'm not gonna spoil you anything, just download it and enjoy! Really recommend this documentary! :)

Click on pics to get these cover, I think they are big enough :P

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jojopig.com kaže...

Wonderful. Thanks for the post.

Oliver Kapunkt kaže...

reupp please, megaupload is dead :(