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travnja 19, 2010

Toxik Society - Living Kufeso demo (2009)

1. Morbid Crypt 04:41
2. Toxic Invasion 03:31
3. Human War 04:19


Toxik Society is a Spanish thrash metal horde. Was formed in 2008 when Jose and Marcos (they was playing in some bands
before that; Jose as drummer, and Marcos as vocalist and guitar player) wanted to execute a kick ass music and crushing
tons of skulls under the influence of bands like Metallica, Sodom, Slayer, Exhorder, Assassin, Evile, Fueled by Fire...
In a few weeks the guitar player Fer (he played some time ago with them in a band called Dalium, and they are very good
friends) joined to the band, but he left the band days after recording the first demo (in summer of 2008). In september of
that year,the band needed a bassist to start to play in some killer gigs (but with Marcos at the only guitar) and Melkor
joined to the band, doing a lot of gigs in most important spanish cities and recording with them the Living Thrashers demo.
After the Living Thrashers recording, the band started to work with some underground labels and distros to help to spread
their music, like Rock Stakk Records in Japan, Processed Records in Maine (EEUU), Metal Crusaders, Xtreem Music and
Final Embrace Records (the three from Spain), and their songs started to sound in some radio programs. But in may of that
year, Melkor went out of the band, being Camilo the new bass player. In this time, Toxik Society has 2 cds:
"Toxik Society" in 2008 (unavailable) and "Living Thrashers" in 2009; and they appear too in the Xtreem Music
compilation Spain Kills (with other bands like Avulsed, Machetazo, Angelus Apatrida, Crysys, etc...). And now, we are
looking for the opportunity to play some concerts out of Spain and to sign with a good record label.

Bloodwritten - Whore EP (2010)

1. Whore 03:35
2. Bullet Overdose 03:12
3. Taste Insanity (Live) 02:38
4. Return to Tortuga Bay (Instrumental Demo) 04:19


CD version:

Thraw - Encepalic oppressions demo (2009)

1. Pandemic Reflection 05:33
2. Condemnation 05:00
3. Mage's Rage 03:33
4. Obscene Anatomist 04:36
5. A Piece Of Madness 04:11


provided by Vlad

Keller - Awake the forgotten demo (2008)

1. Sentenced to Death 03:50
2. Summon the Mortals 04:06
3. Death Command 03:47
4. Holy Slaughter 04:43


Some slovenian thrash for you!
Link was provided by Vlad.


travnja 17, 2010

Razor - Decibels demo (1992)

01 Decibels
02 Jimy the fly
03 Life sentence
04 Liar
05 The game
06 Great white lie
07 Open hostility
08 Nine dead
09 Goof soup
10 Violence...Gun control


All tracks ended up on album with some slight changes. These are all instrumentals, and played in E standard tuning + faster (and in my opinion better than album ones)

travnja 15, 2010

My RAZOR fansite tribute

I know it's humble and I don't have web design skills but I enjoy doing it and it's still under construction. If you care, pay a visit and tell me what you think ;)