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ožujka 17, 2010

Divided Skies - Demo (2009)

01 Blood dead warrior
02 Broken skull
03 Scream for your life
04 Skies divided


Divided Skies was formed 2008.They were earlier known as the "Young Metaller Elitist" setting their own example of how metal was and how it should still be."80's metal man,it was an unstoppable force, that is, until people decided vocalist didn't have to have the ability to sing." In a scene where only screamo/hardcore is visible and no other genre in modern metal is visible, its tough to go on foward. "We respect all genres, its just we have had a few bad experiences where people thought certain bands where metal. No, Megadeth,Testament,Anthrax,Exodus,Kreator,Vio-lence,Death,Obituary, Toxik,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,etc. Those are metal bands. Now anyone can have a band but making one that isn't following the trend or doing what one truly wants to do, is far too difficult." For Divided Skies it was nothing but a war to get the lineup they consist of, with atleast 10 members in their band in the last year, they have finally found a foundation and are now building up to that." Our line up is just insanse! Its like we all have this venom injected in us!" They are now in the process of recording their 2nd E.P, promising more attack but just the same amount of melody. Finally they will be imbarking on a summer tour on July.